Living On The Edge Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Living On The Edge

Living again, at the edge of life by the pouring rain

Gripping the foot and mind, on a slippery plain.

Burning it down, the leaves of all hopes, by the morning Sun

Live on the edge of life- was the call of the gun

The thin line between love and hate

Divided the rule for deeds and fate.

When the wrong went right and the right went wrong

There were no lyrics for a song.

And all they could do was

Scream with the multitude

Showing biased attitudes

Scaring the very sanity of man

Imposing on him a total ban.

Then he drank and he drank

The poison and venom of his think tank,

To find, as a rule, he had to live and give

Himself.. like a slave of motives.

With a master's world and a whip of desire

Stinging into him like a fang of fire-

When he screamed with the multitude,

Throwing a mask on his attitudes

He knew he was now insane within

A momentary lapse of reasoning..

Payal Parande 28 August 2012

a brilliant poem sir very true to the core...a splendid job thanks for sharing, payal

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