Long Walk Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Long Walk

I walked far for long time
Without rhythm or a rhyme;
Somewhere short; some, long,
Yet, I tried to make life a song.

I have lovely day dreams
Caught within the life's frames;
I painted them on huge canvas
Life gifted me with for years.

Alas, all, found fake, mere scrap,
Nowhere near my effort's grasp;
Some, hugely shapeless and dry,
Most faulted to hit bull's eye.

I chose all sorts of colours,
I drew all kinds of flowers;
Alas, none I find truly match,
Nor brought my subtle touch.

My stride was oft too long
Where I should have been short;
I walked with a loud bang
Where I had to hold my fort.

How far I ought to walk,
I myself can't ever talk;
When will it come to end,
None know in this world.

In spite of rise and fall,
I try to keep to my course;
In spite of slips, walk tall
With all effectual force.

Life, a walk in solitude
Amidst the multitude;
What I ever try to raise,
Burrow numerous mice.

Yet, life is shaped to share
And to all around truly care;
That only makes life fair
And lightens the long fare.

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