Looking Forward To Poem by Nikhil Parekh

Looking Forward To

The night looked forward to the brilliant morning; completely engulfing its chill with flamboyant light,

The deserts looked forward to rain; a billion droplets of water to quench their insatiable thirst,

The freezing slopes of the snow laden Antarctica; looked forward to a flurry of playful penguins; wandering around pompously with their protuberant necks poking out,

The dying plumes of black smoke; looked forward to fresh heat; incinerating their pathetic persona once again; into crackling flames of golden fire,

The blood shot and morbid eyes of the convict; looked forward to loads of compassionate empathy and moisture,

The solitary patches of the winding and century old road; looked forward to boisterous traffic; scores of innocuous children inundating its gloomy ambience with
lots of cheer and spice,

The slaves toiling unrelentingly all night and day; looked forward to some time occupying the seat of their master; thereby metamorphosing all their
imprisoned dreams into reality,

The goats philandering amidst appalling piles of rotten garbage; looked forward to sprawling meadows of fresh grassland; blissfully munching corn and succulent vegetable,

The gang of eunuchs begging in their discordant voices on the streets; looked forward to another birth in which they were born as perfect humans; were able to
exist harmoniously and procreated their progeny,

The brave soldier sleeping dormantly in his bunker; looked forward to a blood curling war; fighting with all his might to protect his country,

The completely dried river bed; looked forward to tumultuous spells of rain to overwhelm its surface; yet again with scores of twinkling fish and water,

The brutally chopped tongue; looked forward to growing again; loudly speaking all the words it had perceived in its times of distress; in a single stroke of time,

The wholesomely barren streets of lanky canvas; looked forward to being embedded with rustic color; an ensemble of vivacious lines rendering it with a profoundly dynamic appearance,

The pair of scarlet crested parrots incarcerated in their metallic cage; looked forward to soaring high and handsome in the sky; relishing and enjoying a life of freedom like most of their counterparts were doing at the time,

The famished alligator nestling on the banks of the river; looked forward to the tantalizing scent of humans; crunching them into fine grains of mincemeat with
its knife like jaws,

The boundless fragments of cloth lying buried under the debris; looked forward to being united as one garment of the flag; flutter in magnificent pride and glory while portraying the spirit of their nation,

The writer involved in mundane jobs of this world in order to survive; looked forward to gallivanting through the enchanting camouflage of the valley; keep
writing incessantly as each day took stranglehold of the night,

The receptionist sitting idle in the ghost town; looked forward to the melodious ringing of the telephone; greeting the person on the opposite side with a crisp 'hello',

The grizzly haired lizard traversing through the lining of the concrete wall; wistfully looked forward to sleeping in the jungle; with innumerable insects hovering seductively around its nose,

And my heart captured mercilessly in my chest; eagerly looked forward to breaking free every second from the norms and whims of this unceremonious society; basking
in the heaven of burning romance; loving and embracing every moment the person it adored; the entity in the first place that it throbbed violently; several times a
minute for.

Friday, March 4, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love,romance
Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

Dehradun, India
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