To Forget Her Was Impossible Poem by Nikhil Parekh

To Forget Her Was Impossible

Rating: 4.5

The Sun may have forgotten to shine at times; leaving the Earth submerged in partial darkness,

The eyes may have forgotten to close; staring unrelentingly in the blazing fires,

The trees may have forgotten to shed their leaves; enticed to sway in the moist breeze,

The birds may have forgotten to chirp; thoroughly engrossed in building their nests,

The clouds may have forgotten to rain; drifting away submissively with the wind,

The lion may have forgotten to roar; lost in the aisles of desire and sleep,

The chameleon may have forgotten to change its color; with its jaws busy in gobbling fat caterpillars,

The diamonds may have forgotten to shine; when they were placed in a
disdainful backdrop of coal,

The rose may have forgotten to diffuse scent; trying to breathe for its life amidst a heap of pungent pesticide,

The scorpion may have forgotten to sting; running haywire in a pool of slushy water,

The snow may have forgotten to melt; not wanting to leave the body of the handsome mountain,

The lips may have forgotten to smile; being besieged by day to day professionalism in society,

The ocean may have forgotten to evolve waves; yielding pathetically to the tumultuous storm,

The stars in the cosmos may have forgotten to twinkle; profoundly absorbed in watching the dainty fairies,

The deserts may have forgotten to be hot; relishing the prospects of freaking out in the rain,

The fingers may have forgotten to write; resting lazily under the silken feathered pillow,
The dog may have forgotten to bark; petrified for an instant by the demon standing before him,

The infant may have forgotten to cry; bemused for a moment by the wide ensemble of electronic toys,

The Creator inadvertently may have forgotten to look at every man; busy chalking strategies to run the Universe,

But me Forgetting her was Impossible; as she resided in the center of my heart; and every beat of mine wholesomely depended upon her breath that passionately flowed.

Britte Ninad 01 June 2018

merged love - But me Forgetting her was Impossible; as she resided in the center of my heart; nice 10+++

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 22 May 2018

you are sir an extraordinary poet marvelous thoughts and wow ENGLISH Please be kind enough and read two of my poetry MOMS SMILES AND MOTHERS DAY TODAY I would appreciate your REVIEW

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Souren Mondal 29 November 2015

A very well written poem Nikhil.. Thanks for sharing..

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 November 2015

Very amazing thought shared definitely. Wise and interesting sharing.10

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Nikhil Parekh

Nikhil Parekh

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