Loony Pump Poem by Parwin Jadan

Loony Pump

Loony Pump

How can I tell you?
That I am loony in loving you

At the blue times
Hanged clothes whispered
'Don't be like seesaw
Coming and going so forth in vain, boy.'
Raven laughed at me
Doves cried
My heart split
While all is dead
And the fresh air is alive
Eyes flow as milk steaming
Heart shivering
like a women in birth
Vagrant clouds their head as the olive head
Screamed 'follow us'
Poor hens frightened on their rush
Before the cock call for food
Hens danced around me as whirlwind and said
'don't be chicken, man pshaw hhhh shame on you dupe!
I said 'Right, wind come with me '
Fat rabbits holding basil
Squirrels throwing nuts after me
Owls waving by their head with black grey hair
White sheep yawning recommend me' Don't call from far valley, dear Hazy'
Oat said 'God bliss you pal'
My brown hoary hat stolen by the burglar wind

I swear by the stars sites that
I am coming to her now
Wind, run with me
Willow's shaking their waist
My heart is raining, love
Be my ground
grew as spring's flower, honey
Nothing can stop me
as spate rape the dam
Not your iron gate nor your glassy window even your thick body
I am mist going to soak up inside

Oh, I saw her silver face
Behind the veranda's entrance as nymph
I know she want to hear a melody
'But promise me, to open the door next'
Hum hum la la
Ra ra ra
Ho ho
Body is dead
heart is walking as tiger in night
Come beautiful butterfly
Come fly to me
Waters my stretching heart
Now, birds are waking up
Bears are sleeping
You are my clock moving inside my lines
Anyhow, while I am coming
I am going to set against you as your mirror
Have a cup of coffee
Put a pipe in my brazen lips
Fumes a lot, no one gonna see each other
Take a bath together
Do what you never ever imagined
Coddle up in your soft foxy blanket
Your bed is big as a cloud in May
Let's be as an apple halves
No sharp knife slice us, sweetie
I am your rails and you drive me as mania train

Play on your piano Hymn notes
Kissing you
as drawn ship swallow the sea's water
Oh, my pump is shaking as fish out of life
Come on love open as a flower in morn
Cease torturing me as dough in your palm
Woe, white stones smiled
I dun no why?
A black hound attacked!
Alas, God help…
Oddness, you have left me
like a mother let go of her baby carriage
from a lofty mountain
At this instant, I have been as a poet
who all his poem burnt in one night
Lamenting that no one have been read it
Fire hunted my ogles
You hurt me as broken glass and orange coals left signs
Lass, last words
A flower in hand fads away so soon
But a flower in bush lasts a long
Remember chewing gum home the garbage at the end
Well, this is me
As the Dead Sea
how much you throw pebbles
I will wave
Time to go home, Turn to silent mountain
But one day I will walk in my way

by papo
love you All

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