Lost Poem by James Urwin


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If...for some reason, we ever have to part,
I want you to know...that within minutes, to you my journey will start.

I would even jump out of a plane,
walk through the heavy-est of thunder, lightning and rain.

Climb the steepest hill or high mountain range,
even hitch-hike, with people...that appear strange.

I would Learn the skills to build a boat,
or become a writer... if what's needed is a well written note.

There are so many things I would do for you,
I would even learn carpentry and carve a Canoe.

I would suffer and take any amount of pain,
if you, is what in the end, I gain.

With a fire..I will run for water,
if something is too big...I will look for something shorter.

What ever be or ruins our day,
I want you to know...to you, I will always be on my way.

James Urwin 17 February 2013

Hi Lyn, thanks for commenting...Does it mean without her your lost...Yes...and a few other ways of putting it would be correct...basicly when you are losed you try finding a way back, if you loose something you try and find it...This guys lost his love and will do anything to find her again...is kinda where I was :)

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Lyn Pendleton 16 February 2013

Hi, I like this poem. Does it mean without her your lost. I have a bad habit of pairing, and right off the bat I thought of tough enough by jimmy vaughn. That song rocks. Excellent poem, will read more presently. Thanks for Howdy Doody comment. I wrote that one, or made it up rather, the year you were born. Time flies. Feel free to find any others of mine worth a vote or comment, as I'm lacking in both, and I'll do the same. Lyn

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