Joe Rosochacki

Lost In This Mosquerade - Poem by Joe Rosochacki

Are we really happy here
With this lonely game we play
Looking for words to say?
But not finding understanding anyway
We're lost in a mos-mosquerade

from Masquerade by George Benson

Tensions are high right now,
The US constitution faces a sight dilemma,
American Muslims want to put a Mosque and a cultural learning center in lower Manhattan,
The anti-Islamic groups are having a cow,
The building was an old Burlington Coat Factory building that was put for sale,
Not far from 9-11's ground zero where 3,000 people died-
when the Twin Towers came tumbling down just like Jericho's walls,
The anti-Islamic groups consider this proposed mosque as an 'enema',
A penetration of the American psyche,
A type of 'flag' which American marines placed on Iwo Jima.
A land conquered, a land to which Muslims will eventually own.
I was like them when I heard that American Nazis were planning a march in Skokie, Illinois.
This elite Aryan brotherhood,
The American Nazi Party, with their Heil Hitler salutes and swastikas had planned a march through a heavily Jewish neighborhood.
I was aghast with the possibility that the government would allow this to occur.
The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) rose in defense off the group, for their constitutional rights to be secure.*
The ACLU had many Jewish lawyers but the ACLU stood up for them,
Even though the views of the American Nazi Party was 'un-American'.
Hitler and Stalin smashed any opposition to their views,
-but America is not like them
-the American Nazis were allowed to gather and march to their hearts content.
Did the American Nazi Party hurt and painfully remind of people of the holocaust?
Did the American Nazi Party ever take control of the US government?
So I rise in defense of the constitutional rights of freedom of religion (or lack thereof) and assembly,
For all Americans.
We are Americans, not a group that follows Koran or Torah or Bible or Bhagavad Gita
In the constitution there is no mentioned of Mohammed, or Allah, or Jehovah,
or Abraham,
or Jesus, or God, or Krishna
However there is mention of the creator,
There was a mind meld of the most intelligent brains to establish this new ideal, a work in progress still today, The United States of America.
It is the mind or practice of the individual to 'adore' his or her own creator.
President Barack Obama is getting a lot of heat for his stance on upholding the Constitution; and by the way he which swore on the bible to preserve.


*The debate was clear-cut: American Nazis claimed the right of free speech while their Jewish 'targets' claimed the right to live without intimidation. The town, arguing that the march would assault the sensibilities of its citizens and spark violence, managed to win a court injunction against the marchers. In response, the American Civil Liberties Union took the case and successfully defended the Nazis' right to free speech.

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