Lost In Thought Poem by Miss Remy

Lost In Thought

Rating: 2.7

My heart is broken and my dreams are shattered,
Tasting my tears as they stream down my face, unto
My shirt. Salty tear trails down my cheeks, my heart is
Overwhelmed by hurt and pain, I am grief stricken.
Nothing seems like it will ever be right, no one seems
To care, thoughts of giving up and throwing my hands
In the air saying “oh bitter world, you win”.

Everyone comes to a time in their life when they
Question the things they do, the people they surround
Themselves, but the answers still seem so unclear.
Which path do you take which way do you turn,
How do you know what is best for you. It just
Seems like the world and the people in it have all
Just turned their back on you. You have giving up
Hope and lost your focus. Your happiness seems
To be the last thought in your mind.

Is this real or is this just a figment of your mind
How can you judge something if you don’t have
The full knowledge of the situation yourself.
Do you just give up or do you give in. what is
Your fate and how do you make the right choice
For you?

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