Best Friends Poem by Miss Remy

Best Friends

Rating: 3.0

Your are my other half,
When we hurt we hurt bad.
I tell you everything that I can,
We never separate for woman or man.
It’s like when my heart beats yours beats too,
We are always together no matter what we go through.
It’s like we have a bond no one understands,
You will always be my chick 150 grand.
No words are strong enough to separate us,
Or bond is beyond friends cause it’s built on trust.
When your days are rough im always there,
To support your needs and show I care.
I would never replace you with no one on this earth,
We were even there through our kids birth.
Your not only my friend but my little sister too.
Your my best friend, my chick my girl I love you

Dulakshi Wakista 24 February 2010

Best friends are forever.You've expressed and showed the bond of true friendship.True friendship can't break if someone wants.Lovely poem.I really enjoyed.

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Daedalus Labyrinth 26 July 2008

A true friend is someone who won't ask any questions if you call them to meet you in the desert with a shovel and a duffle bag at a moment's notice.

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James B. Earley 26 July 2008

Friend - A single soul dwelling within two separate bodies. (Aristotle)

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