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You have suffered auntie long enough,
You were brave strong and tough.
The battle you fought was long and hard,
But it’s okay auntie let go and let God.

Your are my other half,
When we hurt we hurt bad.
I tell you everything that I can,
We never separate for woman or man.

Take me by the hand and lead the way,
To your domain baby where you want to play.
I will ask you no questions and I will tell you no lies,
I can see our future together by looking in your eyes.

My heart is broken and my dreams are shattered,
Tasting my tears as they stream down my face, unto
My shirt. Salty tear trails down my cheeks, my heart is
Overwhelmed by hurt and pain, I am grief stricken.

Money can buy me a lot of things,
But I can not put a value on what love brings.
You can buy me all the things in the world,
But the cost is priceless of being your girl.

And you call yourself a friend,

If you were really my friend to me you
Would be real with me, you would speak

Do you wonder why I cry,
It’s because I have deep pain inside.
My life has been filled with aches and pains,
It runs so deep it drives me insane.

if i would i could but i cant so i don't,
it is my will if i chose but no i won't.
all i do is cry and wonder why,
why did my mother have to die.

I used to think I could not carry on,
With the thought of you being gone.
But through the years I have built up my strength,
To live out my life until its fullest length.

On August 19,2006 my heart was buried in Baltimore,
I will hold my true love never more.
All because of a selfish man,
who has ruined the happiness of my lifes plan.

If I was to die tonight,
Would I be remembered right?
Would you talk about my life


Mother and daughter both name Grace,
The loves of my life the smiles on my face.

U…understand baby what I need to say

C…cause you can’t have it all going your way.
A…and i’m not going to stand here and argue and fight,

You brought me down and treated me bad,
He loves me day he is the best I ever had.
We talk; he listens to what I have to say,
He holds me close and never pushes me away.

Six kids born unto you and mom,
We had it so good and had it going on.
But somehow our world crashed in on us,
After mom passed away we all lost our trust.

The stars shine brightly in the sky,
The birds sings a song as they fly by.

In my dream world…

Miss Remy Biography

born into a family of 6 kids and i am the baby i have been writing since i wa 13 years old and i love my pen and the places it takes me)

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Let Go And Let God (Dedicated To My Aunt Who Just Recently Passed Away)

You have suffered auntie long enough,
You were brave strong and tough.
The battle you fought was long and hard,
But it’s okay auntie let go and let God.

It has hurt all of us when you left that day,
It left me broken hearted with nothing to say.
I don’t want to be selfish say please don’t leave,
Because I did not want to hurt or grieve.

I know in my heart you are in a better place,
But I swear im going to miss your beautiful face.
I am going to miss the talks we would have,
And the stories I would tell that would make you laugh.

God just needed you to come home,
Yes we know it has made your family sore.
You will always be remembered every single day,
From the smile on your face to the things you would say.

You have taken your space in heaven right where you belong,
Right up there with Charles, Grandma, Diane, and my mom.
Yes we all know that we need to be strong,
But through our family your memory will live on.

You don’t need to fight anymore just let go and let God,
While you were here on earth you did your job.
You did your part to keep family together,
that’s why you will remain in our hearts always and forever.

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Diane Anderson 07 April 2018

To my great auntie love you always

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