Miss Remy Poems

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You have suffered auntie long enough,
You were brave strong and tough.
The battle you fought was long and hard,
But it’s okay auntie let go and let God.

Best Friends

Your are my other half,
When we hurt we hurt bad.
I tell you everything that I can,
We never separate for woman or man.

Making Love In The Rain

Take me by the hand and lead the way,
To your domain baby where you want to play.
I will ask you no questions and I will tell you no lies,
I can see our future together by looking in your eyes.

Burnt Love

Lost In Thought

My heart is broken and my dreams are shattered,
Tasting my tears as they stream down my face, unto
My shirt. Salty tear trails down my cheeks, my heart is
Overwhelmed by hurt and pain, I am grief stricken.

$ Cant Buy Me Love

Money can buy me a lot of things,
But I can not put a value on what love brings.
You can buy me all the things in the world,
But the cost is priceless of being your girl.


And You Call Yourself A Friend

And you call yourself a friend,

If you were really my friend to me you
Would be real with me, you would speak

When I Cry

Do you wonder why I cry,
It’s because I have deep pain inside.
My life has been filled with aches and pains,
It runs so deep it drives me insane.


if i would i could but i cant so i don't,
it is my will if i chose but no i won't.
all i do is cry and wonder why,
why did my mother have to die.

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