Lost Love Poem by Jamelia Lane

Lost Love

Where has the love gone?
Love is always finding a way to escape
It slips through your fingers and run when u turn you head
Snap! Your heart breaks into pieces

You fell love wraps its warm arms around you
Sometimes u can smell its sweetness or its poison
Just like roses on a special day and grass covering a snake

Where do you go when love is lost?
Where do u go to find it?
You could swim 1,000 oceans to look

Usually you find love in strangers
Like a lost dog trying to find a home
Not many people find love in the places that they should
Your so used to not feeling love u cant accept it when it is given
You shelter you love and tuck it away like a note in you secret hiding place
Where only you know where to find it
Your not really sure what love it but your heart cries to be loved

All u want to feel is a warm loving touch
You just want to taste love and take a bite
To have for yourself and keep forever
You found your love now its your treasure
No one cant take it away
Or so they say
But really it all a lie
Soon enough u have to say good bye
To the love u lost and they love u thought would stay forever
The love u finally found all for you
So is it all true
That everyone gets love
What does love sound like a whisper of a loud noise
A dream or a night mare
To fell loved it just my fear
To loose my treasure of which I reached out to draw near
I lost id and not i shelter my self
Scared to be loved or accept it
The bad memories of lost love blinds me
Still looking for the love I wish to keep

It was my treasure and you took it away from me
Afraid to love or be loved I love you is just a word it was my love and u took it from me.

Nickey Mason 04 March 2010

great poem. the only time i feel loved is when im wit ma boyfriend. he is ma heart, ma soul, ma significant otha, etc. i love that boy more than anything in this world. lately ma mama been tryin to keep us apart n i keep trying to fight this battle wit her but she could b so childish. i cant c him cuz i have no license to drive n neither does he. so im kinda n a predictament right na that i jus wanna get out of

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