Mama Poem by Jamelia Lane


Hey mama I never go to tell you thank you
For loving me caring for me and all that you do
I love you so much this you know
I don’t ever want you to go
Good things don’t last forever your right
But if you go I’ll miss how you hugged me tight
I will miss that smile you always have on your face
When I’m with you nothing feels out of place
I’ll miss our stories and how we used to play around
You helped me keep my feet on solid ground
It hard to let go of someone you love so much
If you leave please stay in touch
When I’m with you I bug you all the time
But you can’t get mad that’s not a crime
Yes I have my moments where I don’t speak
Little did you know my heart was at its peak
But you pulled me through the storm and rain
I look back now and I’m glad you came
Because without you I would have blown away
You’re always there to save the day
I may fuss and complain
But never once did you tell me to go away
Instead you pulled me closer and loved me
And I know at times I can act like a fool
But only one thing matters I will always love you Mama Jewel

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