Lost Love Poem by Terry Brewer

Lost Love

Rating: 4.8

Once I could laugh with anyone
Because, you see, I had a Sun
Her beauteuos rays would light my life
I wished that she would be my wife
So then, I thought, we’d always be
Living life so happily.
Then one dark and stormy day
My Sun, my Sun, she went away.
Left me in my sorrow crying,
There I was a planet dying,
Drifting on through endless space
With a drawn unchanging face
A living hell my life will be.
My Sun, my Sun come back to me.

Sarwar Chowdhury 20 September 2008

...an ammmmazing composition indeed.........10

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Jolanta Gradowicz 26 April 2006

I like this comparison 'the Sun and a wife'. People we really love are alwyas the Sun for us. And leaving on a stormy day makes me think of a dear person who went away, and all the world became dark. It is a very good poem.

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Stephen Robinson 09 April 2006

I like this. I particularly liked the lines: 'My Sun, my Sun, she went away.' and then the repetition of this Sun-sun phrase in 'My Sun, my Sun come back to me.' Nice.

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Terry Brewer

Terry Brewer

Aldershot, England
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