My Prayer Poem by Terry Brewer

My Prayer

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Written by Reg Brewer, my father in 1922 when he was 17.
These are words he choose to live by - me too.

Teach me the love that I owe to a mother,
Teach me respect for each sister, each brother,
Teach me forbearance toward one another,
Teach me these things.

Teach me of honour to love and defend,
Teach me the true finer meaning of friend,
Teach me true labour brings rest at the end,
Teach me these things.

Teach me that kindness is finer than gold,
Teach me of glory rewarding the bold,
Teach me the faith that will never grow old,
Teach me these things.

Teach me true beauty reflects from the soul,
Teach me in life to make heaven my goal,
Teach me in danger your grace to enrol
Teach me these things

Teach me to smile though my eyes fill with tears,
Teach me to laugh though my heart aches with fears,
Teach me endurance throughout all the years,
Teach me these things.

Teach me to journey all of life's road,
Teach me to carry light tho heavy, the load,
Teach me to die, and then Oh my God
Teach me all things.

Kathleen West 22 September 2008

Beautiful words written by your father who was wise beyond his years at seventeen. Words to live by. I love it!

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Ernestine Northover 28 May 2006

A wonderful prayer, lovely to read, and a brilliant write. It was a pleasure to view and left a deep mark of love for God. love Ernestine XXX

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Jolanta Gradowicz 14 May 2006

It's very moving. Your Father knew what is essential in life at his 17. It's amazing.

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Very beautiful...a magnificent prayer in a poem...quite moving I might add! God bless...Faith

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Beautiful, intelligent and humbling. Thank you for sharing. (Unfortunately I'll still be asking for the lessons on my deathbed....)

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Terry Brewer

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