A Few Haiku (2) Poem by Terry Brewer

A Few Haiku (2)

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Me - you what to do?
I do not quite understand
But, I wish to know.

High upon this hill
I see fields of corn below
Peacefully windblown

Discover, explore
It is your time for learning
The wonders of life

Hey World please slow down
Time goes slower if you stand
Quicker if you run

Have you embraced
The dawning of the morning
Wondrous to behold

Gina Onyemaechi 09 May 2006

'The dawning of the morning' - lovely! Like Justine, I'm particularly fond of the last 2 pieces here. The second-to-last is quite good for a laugh! Regards, Gina.

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Mary Nagy 08 May 2006

This made me smile. Some great little snippets here. I have never written haiku. It seems very difficult to me to express enough in so few words. I suppose that is what makes it a talent huh? Great job. Sincerely, Mary

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R H 06 May 2006

I thought your second and forth compositions were particularly reflective. Keep going! Kind regards, Justine.

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Vega Star 29 April 2006

Just a few syllables off, but it's only your second try. It's always good to be dapping into other styles of poetry. Nice I'm I huge haiku fan myself.

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Sonny Rainshine 28 April 2006

Good work. I especially like your second effort, the one about the windblown corn. A haiku (if I remember correctly) always has three lines with a meter of 5 syllables/7 syllables/5 syllables. Many poet, though, don't adhere religiously to this rule, some adding a fourth line, some an extra syllable or two. Usually the poem should contain at least one reference to something about Nature or one of the four seasons. Again, some poets relax this structure. I look forward to seeing more haikus from you. It is one of my favorite forms-deceptively simple, but often very difficult to write a really good one.

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