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Alone but not lonely
Broke yet not poor
Down, yet not out
Smiling, but not laughing

Open your eyes
Open your heart
Give just a little
You will get such alot

I have given to all
Yet I have never given to myself
I have guided so many
Yet not myself

What For?
Not sure

In life
I have given
So much
Always been there

Its Never goodbye when your walking alone
The roads you have taken so far from home
You've climbed, breathed life, you've given to all
Opened your heart so willing to fall

Why Can't we all just be happy?
What is stopping us?
We have sunshine
We have sky

Wonderful words given to me
By other poets sharing their gift for others to see.
Words of hope... and healing too
Then words of such sadness. That You just wish you could touch

Save Our Children
From Technology
They are totally addicted
To Technology

What... are we doing?
Running, Rushing
Shouldn't we...
Be slowing Down?

Please look for the beauty in my eyes
In my heart, there are no lies.
You cannot only see beauty by the hair
Or by that pure skin. It's just not there.

Believe in who you are
Stop looking for mistakes
Only you are searching
Making your own heart ache

Cry tonight
Like there has been no rain
Cry tonight
To release the pain

As you grow
You see yourself age beautifully
These wrinkles are mine
My heart is mine

Todays Sun, Moved everso slow
It was like impatiently, waiting for tomorrow
We arrived at two, yet it was not till three
This Funeral of a young life, How could this be?


There are Always dark days
But, There is Always a way out
There is Always someone
Always willing to help

The Beach was waiting for me today
My fears were gone and it was time to stay
To feel the sand between mytoes
To feel how hard the sea breeze blows

The Colour of my skin, is just a colour
The Religion I believe, Is only My belief
The money that I have, Is at my own cost
The freedom I am given is not always my choice

In the air tonight, I saw the light
And sometimes life is just blowing in the wind
But don''t stop believing, the world will see it your way
With or without suspicious minds

Don't ever think
That I don't understand
That I don't know how you feel

Lyn Paul Biography

My words are honest, sometimes harsh yet we need to express our feelings. Often the ears available do not always understand. So Poetry is the great way to just let it out. The power of the pen heals. Often and mostly secretly. The speed of life is incredible. How we grow maps out our future lives. You fall down but you must get back up. I have seen so much in growing, but too many have seen way too much more. Life is short and you do not realise this until you are halfway there. My highest achievement in life is my gift of giving from my heart. It is said you path your own life. This is my wish - to find out how. I believe you can make others lives better. Money is raw, often hard to come by. We do not need a lot yet life changes drastically if you have none. Without health, functioning is low. We want too much But we need so little One big smile can go a long, long way. Here's to smiling more!)

The Best Poem Of Lyn Paul

Alone But Not Lonely

Alone but not lonely
Broke yet not poor
Down, yet not out
Smiling, but not laughing

Blessed yet not enriched
Hurting though not pained
Hearing but not heard
Risen yet not rising
Old but not elderly

Living..... Though, Not alive
Sweet and never sweetened
Angered though not angry
Fearing..... but not afraid

Awake and often woken
Beautiful, Inside and out
Anxious to lose these anxieties
To find again real life

Too honest
Hungry for success

Alone but not lonely

Copyright Reserved
1st March 2015
Lyn Paul

Lyn Paul Comments

Lareine Sede 27 November 2012

O M G i am in love with your poems they are so good and sincere

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Serene Sapphire 23 June 2013

Lyn Paul you are appreciative. You seem friendly and approachable

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Sandra Feldman 01 November 2014

Lyn Paul, A soft, delicate, considerate heart, palpitating in the world of poetry, lending it beauty and impeccable art. A pleasure to read and not to forget.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 August 2015

Lyn Paul is a prominent poetess who has a great place in Poem Hunter.Com. Her most poems are stunning, sublime and subjunctive. Her simplicity flows in her poems. I wish her success in life. May God bless her and her family.

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Ellie- Daphne 13 October 2012

I've been reading some of your poems......... All in once reading session is never clever to do when poetry is the subject - You don't write down just words, you write down feelings and toughts and they - LYN reach out and are mirrored in me while reading. I LOVE your writing. Looking forward to read more from you. Ellie Daphne van Stralen Netherlands.

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Maria Edward 18 February 2022

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Unnikrishnan E S 10 December 2021

One might think that her poems are simple. But they invite you to read again and again and makes you ponder over and over. Such are their depths and positivity.

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Unnikrishnan E S 10 December 2021

Lyn Paul is an extremely talented poet. She possesses a specially gifted that expresses most profound thoughts and philosophy in really simple words.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 27 February 2021

Thank you again, Lyn. I keep reading your comments.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 18 October 2020

Lyn Paul is a generous, genius, intelligent and kind personality, whose poems are liked by many readers across the globe. Her poetic heart is very tender. Her poems are gems and these are treasured in literary sky. She ever dazzles like a poetic star. She has motivational power. Her poems are much beneficial for society. I love to read and review her works.

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Lyn Paul Quotes

We have survived our youth So let us now flourish To breathe Freedom Into our future Copyright Reserved December 2014 Lyn Paul

People May Come People May Go Be that person... People would want to know Copyright Reserved. Lyn Paul December 2014

Remind Yourself... Just Who You Are Find your strength You Will go Far... Copyright Reserved 01/01/2015 Lyn Paul

Life is full, Of Wonderful memories... May you think of some today. Copyright Reserved March 2015 Lyn Paul

If you believe in something - Follow It. As long as it shows no greed - And hurts No One! Copyright reserved Lyn Paul

Pray for me today I know there is a way To fill my needs with only what I need. x Copyright Reserved 14th May 2015 Lyn Paul

Too many people in this world Think only of themselves.... We need to change that! Copyright Reserved June 2015 Lyn Paul

When you fall You must keep getting back up For We are not here to fall We are here to rise Lyn Paul 2015

When burnt & broken Fading Away Only you hear your pain Know the answers will not be ignored.

May the ending be an opening For a remarkable beginning Happiness! 13th January 2016 Lyn Paul

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Lyn Paul Popularity

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