Lost To Apathy Poem by Gabriella Franco

Lost To Apathy

Rating: 4.5

Lost to apathy
drowning in your presence
And I have no idea
Of what's good for me

But I have an idea
Of what un-numbs me
I think I can find
more of me. Finally

Suicidal tendancies
But so not ready to die
The thing is, my darling
Is I love my life.

Lost to apathy
Dying in your eyes
And I have an idea
Of who I am inside

This ever-ending life of mine
Seems to be a ball
In the mirror, I see myself
And i don't like ME at all

A wretch, a skumbag
A 'Nothing' in essence
And I start to see the beauty
Of inhaling your presesnce

Your touch is so inviting
Your eyes are so enticing
The sense of you is pleasing
And your smile is bewitching

Lost to apathy
And maybe I should be
I can't help but be enthralled
The feeling. So pulchritudinous

Lost to apathy
Dying in your eyes
And I have an idea
Of who i am inside

Leo Lopes 28 August 2006

I think this is my favourite out of the new poems of yours ay but hold on... let me read them all and then decide ;) i like ur flow in this one..... Bueno! ! !

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Kelly Allen Vinal 28 August 2006

I very much enjoyed this, Gabriella

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Chris Mendros 28 August 2006

Strangely beautiful. Uneven tempo suggests confusion, ending conveys hope in spite of it all.

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