Black Heart, Break Poem by Gabriella Franco

Black Heart, Break

Rating: 5.0

Your cold stare
Is my heart's bait
it's the kiss of death
it's the whisper of hate

It's so appealing
It lures in my heart
Even though I know
It'll tear it apart

I know it's no good
For me or my love life
But I want you to want me
Until your heart is mine

I want what you have
And I plan to succeed
In making your cold heart
Break just for me

I want your black heart bleeding
And breaking for my own
And when you are not with me
I want you to feel alone

I want you to scream my name
In your sleep and in the dark
I want you to only lust
After the love from MY heart

I want you black heart to break
When you see me walk away
I need you to be consumed with desire
And NEED me to stay

I want you desire for me
To break your cold, hard shell
And when my black heart starts to break
I want yours to break as well

Amber Green 10 August 2006

Wow! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! This is by far my favorite poem that I've ever read...including my own. Great job

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Leo Lopes 06 August 2006

que hermoso! ! ! You must of takin' a lot of time and thought into your work and it shows. Love it

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Aryana West 28 June 2006

beautiful write, gabby. thast really was a great one. good jorb. lol :)

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