Lost To Lust Poem by Alison Smith

Lost To Lust

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Thoughts of you, how my temperature rises
Your body next to mine so divine
Your touch electric upon my skin
Lost in the lust of our connection.

When we meet my body is alive
My control is abandoned to you
Nothing can equal the feelings I have
I’m lost in my lust for you.

Into a world of pure desire
We are locked together
United we feel the flow
Touch, taste, explore.

Lost to Lust

Steven S 28 August 2009

Write more poems like this... the world needs these kind of poems! Excellent.

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Samson Ogbeewi 26 June 2022

Hi, If you love that you'll definitely love this: Lost In Lust (My secret sin) by Samson Ogbeewi

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Kelly Curiel-bowser 10 September 2008

I really like that one. It is respectful in the body's desires adn feelings adn is not crude at all.

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Woooooooooooooooosh! ...Id say more, but, i think you just 86'd one of my P.C. wires...Yup, melted & smoldering...Hot Stuff, You! FjR

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William Jackson 06 July 2007

Fine poem. Music to men's ears everywhere! Nice write! Whitman got it right! 'I sing the body electric! ' Warmest regards, William

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Alison Smith

Alison Smith

Orange, New South Wales, Australia
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