'Love' Poem by Holly Heron


Rating: 4.5

'Love' this word people let fly easily,
From lips of those who'll never know,
What is it? Love,
A thing so close,
And yet it has no being,
Is it the flight of birds in early morn?
A song so sweet,
That like the finest silver,
Only you should it adorn?
Is it the beating of my heart,
When I sight your face,
So beautiful and yet it still can not capture,
Your soul's loving grace?
Ah, the word appears again,
Loving, lovely,
Words thrown so easily,
That how could any weight be placed upon a single word?
What I feel for you is more than such a word describes,
In your presence I am awed,
I am not worthy of the touch,
You place on my brow,
When your near I feel complete,
As though my soul was split,
And you my other half,
I feel desolate with you out of my sight.
Love is such a weak word,
But in it I convey all my feelings,
Of affection, all I feel,
How can such a word carry all that weight?
Maybe Love is not as weak as once I believe,
If it can hold such weighty feelings,
As those that crush my heart inside,
Yes, this word that flies so easily from mouths that never felt,
Love is all I give to you.

Ben Gibson 09 October 2006

i really really really like this poem. you're insainly talented, its wickedly amazing O_o xox

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Daniel Hooks 14 February 2006

Great poem the first lines caught me the rest of the poem left me enthralled!

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