*love Actually! Poem by POOJA LADYLUCK

*love Actually!

Rating: 2.4

{ a gal thinks}
I dnt love u n u dnt too
when and how dis rumour flew
But y is it wen u come near
U leave me alone with a lonely tear

{guy: }
cant be explained cant be told
for u the feelings in my heart i hold
its lyk heaven to hold u close
wen u cry, its heartbreaking to see ur pinkish nose.

they're livin a lie, still deny
wen in each others heart will they peep?
cupid waits, staring at their face
wen will the 3 magic words creep?

love dies slowly in quiet hearts
wen its not expressed
in this way one of the greatest loves
is tortured and supressed! ! !

Sarvesh Kulkarni 17 October 2008

Well well well..... Great read. Thanks as always.

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Trinity K 29 June 2008

take it to be dead when its just relaxing...its a giant and will roar again... ts blind. deaf never dumb... its love.. if its love.....! ! ! ! ! !

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Catherine Rica Cosico 25 June 2008

When arrow of cupid has pointed at it, love will knock in wonderous ways...When tortured and supressed thats a pure love and you are lucky to have one of those... Cate

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