You dont need to tell me, I see it in your eyes
I know this bond that never existed, today officially dies
You may hate to see me around
but i like foes to be tightly bound

She, the big girl, alone in the world, free
Walkin straight, thinking deep, talkin sensibly
A mature smile, for every victory, in place of a loud scream
Not neverland, but the future she tours in her dreams

there he lies in his room, so broken
lyk a piece of fray lies helpless to preserve its fading existence
I jus luk at the way his body trembles wid every breath inside
tired and exhausted by the recurring pain

Are my tears that hard to understand?
Dosent the love in my eyes show?
Even my screams have a hint of affection
Lyfs running fast, when will you know?

for the people who neva helped me set my aim, dint help me realize it and are nt a cause of my failure i.e. dey jus arent related, but dey wont miss a chance to point out my failure. thanks to them, i got a slight taste of hell.

is failure that bad a thing?
that i should'nt be allowed to smile?

A lone godly ray in dis darkened room
orients a tear, being sacrificed to doom
may this momentary shimmer, lite the spark in her eyes
wich ws once lit out by cold looks, that fire, again will rise

I really dnt get u
greeting the world wid charming smiles
patiently desperate, to fall in love
just searchin the world for perfection

The calm and serene crimson sky
With a beautiful rain sprinkling by
But as he started feeling blue
And when it was raining hard

{ a gal thinks}
I dnt love u n u dnt too
when and how dis rumour flew
But y is it wen u come near

Todays da day i end my birth
nw i choose heaven over earth
lyf never really seemed worthwhile
in dis crazy maze of darkness i was hunting for a smile

I resist, restrict, restrain now
As i gravitate towards you
U hav tamed my wildest imaginations
Emotions hav conquered the invincible

Today i celebrate my sorrow
Though its heck of a pain in my heart
But in the land of the dead
With heartless torso and fake souls

In this wide world, where everyone is wise
Infinite numbers of faces and twice as much the eyes
Looking at me with lots of expectations
I roll my eyes examining each character with precision

I stand here alone as the world stares at me
I'm flowing past my way to fatality
No one can understand the way i think
Can't even feel my heart sink

Amongst the distorted shadows in this moonlight
There is one, that waits for me
Every nite, m here on the terrace to see
If this strange commitment isnt decieved

The struggle i started ends here and now
I thought life was easy, cud get thru somehow
I thought they would understand how i feel
But they have forced me into a fake image, discarding everything thats real

For the sake of a promise kept
I'm still searchin ur way
I hope u'll clear ur debt
Of my love some day

if a guy feels that, tis ideal love! ! !

no envy, no pain, nor torrents in rain
all i shall give is love

I've lived thru all those torrid days
hav starved out expecting friendlier ways
either bitter or sour, are the words u serve
u make me think, is it all i deserve


I am bit different or as others term it.....weird...hav my own way with everything.... I am not what you want me to be I am not like everyone else, cuz i am 'me'.... i like my poems......n u cn have ur views....n everyone is allowed to criticize me.....i like it! ! !)


** For All Those Who Hate Me.....

You dont need to tell me, I see it in your eyes
I know this bond that never existed, today officially dies
You may hate to see me around
but i like foes to be tightly bound
Tis fun to see you wither as I beat you everytime
And to see you flinch like a loser gives me joy sublime
I'll get immune to betrayals if you stay close to my heart
If you wanna get it even, i'll kill your guts in the start

All those who hate me, that's all you can do
I'd lighten my heart and will always reply........

'I love you too'.............


Sarvesh Kulkarni 18 October 2008

A great poet and a greater person. Pours out her heart in unforgettable words. The depth of her heart is fathomless, as is the truth of her poems.

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