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** For All Those Who Hate Me.....

You dont need to tell me, I see it in your eyes
I know this bond that never existed, today officially dies
You may hate to see me around
but i like foes to be tightly bound

***i'M Losing Me

She, the big girl, alone in the world, free
Walkin straight, thinking deep, talkin sensibly
A mature smile, for every victory, in place of a loud scream
Not neverland, but the future she tours in her dreams

**** Lord Bless Grandpa

there he lies in his room, so broken
lyk a piece of fray lies helpless to preserve its fading existence
I jus luk at the way his body trembles wid every breath inside
tired and exhausted by the recurring pain

~~listen To What I Never Said........

Are my tears that hard to understand?
Dosent the love in my eyes show?
Even my screams have a hint of affection
Lyfs running fast, when will you know?

*#so What If I Failed? #*

for the people who neva helped me set my aim, dint help me realize it and are nt a cause of my failure i.e. dey jus arent related, but dey wont miss a chance to point out my failure. thanks to them, i got a slight taste of hell.

is failure that bad a thing?
that i should'nt be allowed to smile?

**i Rise

A lone godly ray in dis darkened room
orients a tear, being sacrificed to doom
may this momentary shimmer, lite the spark in her eyes
wich ws once lit out by cold looks, that fire, again will rise

*****what Love Is To U?

I really dnt get u
greeting the world wid charming smiles
patiently desperate, to fall in love
just searchin the world for perfection

##the Sky Lost His Love

The calm and serene crimson sky
With a beautiful rain sprinkling by
But as he started feeling blue
And when it was raining hard

*love Actually!

{ a gal thinks}
I dnt love u n u dnt too
when and how dis rumour flew
But y is it wen u come near

**tomorrow........Won'T Come

Todays da day i end my birth
nw i choose heaven over earth
lyf never really seemed worthwhile
in dis crazy maze of darkness i was hunting for a smile

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