Honesty Is Confidence Poem by PRAVEEN KUMAR English Poems

Honesty Is Confidence

Honesty is hallowed straight road,
Though dull, tiresome and slow;
A sure road to reach one's goal,
Though fruits come in bits and sweats.

A hundred roads open to a goal:
Those fast and smooth, with painless rides;
Those jump and trip honest race,
End in unending circuitous pursuits.

A straight, smooth run brings ultimate win,
For, straight path algate is the shortest path;
Though breaks to limelight while referees are asleep,
Those who foul rules, crawl out of the game.

Whitewash peels off and wall bares itself,
Cosmetic thins off and nature bears itself;
Time wears artifice and guards honest thing
That meets its goal in calm royal pace.

Honesty is like fresh water drops,
Neither sour nor salt nor bitter nor sweet,
But, cool and calm, yet, warm, fulsome
That quenches all thirsts in pure, simple streaks.

Honesty is lucid path, honesty is confidence.
The will to earn every bit of gain;
Honesty is steely pride, honesty is rare passion
To prove the Self equal to task.

Honest labour is lush like nectare,
Honest success is paradise regained,
A joyous return to natural habitat
Like visit of fullmoon after weeks of travail.

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: honesty,life
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