Love And Wisdom Poem by Achilles Mauko

Love And Wisdom

Love and wisdom, More Intimate
Than an exchange between a tender bridegroom and his bride
Combination Clear like a foetus thought and pure as a virgins kiss
Much sweeter than her tease
Twice fold noble as a sturdy horse
Yet opposite like a gun and a rose

No wisdom in love
Or should I say no love in wisdom
Which is which, I can barely fathom
For in love even the wisest minds sleep
And in wisdom the purest heart cheat
Lack of love just reason, minds marry and can't keep
Without wisdom but only passion, hearts bond and later bleed
Wisdom is organized love
Love is accessed wisdom
In affection devoid of wisdom man take other man's life
In reason a lawyer put passion of heat as a defense
And in wisdom devoid of affection the judge lessen the sentence
What anomaly
Wisdom feel life but think of death
Love feels of only bliss
Because for wisdom its foolishness to think of happiness

Love and wisdom
Both treat each other with sheer suspicion
Love sees wisdom as so immoral and evil
Wisdom sees love as so naive and foolish
Yet to men they appear to be in perfect harmony
So Many desire love and wisdom
And even as I speak now,
Many a man are making friend with love and wisdom
Surrendering reason to passion
Some thinking without loving

For me Lord I pray you spare me both
And if I am to have any
Don't give me love
Maybe wisdom
I have tried love and it hurts
Even then I can't love and be wise at the same time.

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