Love Has Taught Me Love Poem by Gladys Ombati

Love Has Taught Me Love

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This inexhausted word,
Has become such a bird
That flies and sets up a nest,
Wherever they feel safe and best.
I figure, it's more of the inside
For it's what gives others insight.
What love has taught me.

That I could be attached
To people that protected me if attacked.
I saw some forms and bits of me in others
And, well, my life had great ushers.
I called them parents and my siblings.
Funny things we did; playing facing ceilings.
The joy that love taught me.

Off I was sent; to perform outside home.
Does it bother you like it does me?
Homesick - in the name of opportunities
It's unfortunate, most I learnt was of opportunists.
My heart was breaking slowly; forming cracks.
They will mend, I was assured in my life tracks.
The experiences love taught me.

Just when I thought it was a feeling,
Somebody came along to show me it was fulfilling
To act love. To give oneself wholly.
Exciting it sounded. Until it turned folly.
We should always make it work; look beyond
Beyond ourselves. And, strive to create a bond
Because that's what love taught me.

Working hard; an exposure of its own
Lets you meet personalities hands on,
Sometimes, you strike as some sort of lightning,
Not knowing it destroys; and that all you need is lighting
Your heart with so much love
That it wipes away hate; restores hope like a dove.
It's what love always taught me.

Love has taught me it's not only a feeling,
Love is not an emotion. It's not the kisses. Not the tears.
Love tells me to look out with kindness, not lust.
It teaches me to protect, not take advantage.
It wills me to profess, not covet silently. Love is not expecting
Love is teaching me to get out of my way, not to give up.
Love, has taught to keep on keeping on with all differences involved.

Love, love is giving your smile for another in return,
Love, love is caring to buy fruits for the sick you don't know
Love, love is sharing hard experiences and knowing they'll pass
Love, love is taking care of my parents even though they act okay
Love, love is truly speaking the truth, knowing it hurts
Love, love is letting go because you know they and you deserve better
And there, love has taught me LOVE.

Love Has Taught Me Love
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,love and friendship,love and life,wisdom
Jazib Kamalvi 06 September 2017

A nice poetic imagination, Gladys. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks

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