My Big Eyes Poem by Gladys Ombati

My Big Eyes

Rating: 5.0

Magical sunset over the horizon
The heart warms up; to
Such beauty formed up in the skies.
Behold, down to the soul; the eyes, the brain form
An unforgettable memory.

Infectious smiles of a newborn,
A strong bond, a connection created
Beyond comprehension. For across
Lies one of our own. Just with no blame.
Such, is an unforgettable memory.

The plants, trees; all green
Oh how healthy. The lake, the mountains
All in existence. Amazing landscape.
If ever there was unexplained attraction, it
Would be of these unforgettable memories.

A date with nature;
Meeting people with smiles; trees whistling,
Birds chirping; a kind of therapy nature offers.
For my eyes, they are big enough to
Capture and re-live these unforgettable memories.

Thursday, October 22, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: earth,life,love,nature
Kebe Iwara 30 October 2015

the poem itself is memorable. the poets delight and peace clearly rubs off on the poem. i invite you to share in my poems. especially my work 'love is spherical'

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Titto Mutunguti 27 October 2015

Wow..The Love of nature, some eyes never see its beauty but thanks to you big eyes that capture and re-live these unforgettable memories. Good stuff

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Liza Sudina 22 October 2015

a kind of therapy nature offers - nature is saint to us! a babe without a bla, e - so innocent!

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Gladys Ombati 22 October 2015

Thank you Liza for reading, I appreciate!

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