Love Is A Jester Poem by David Hayes

Love Is A Jester

Rating: 4.8

Love is not patient and love is not kind
Love is a jester, and he binds your mind
He tricks and deceives you with well honed skill
Once you beleive him your soul he does kill
Love is the devil in a viper's form
Twisting your mind far away from the norm
Planting ideas so insane and so lewd
That one's actions of love are always crude
Love is a monster, quick, strong, and cunning
His evil ways will soon send you running
You'll cry for help, wishing somebody knew
The only one that will hear it is you
But most of all, love is a fantasy
Made by fools to keep you from being free

Logan S 21 June 2010

All writing below are great highlights of the poem. I always when people personify emotions and feelings. Always turns into creative writing.

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Leila Mass 18 June 2010

I love these types of poems. The personification ones that sometimes surprise you like most people wouldn't think this would be a poem about how love can be bad. Interesting and I like it.

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Jess Silva 17 June 2010

David I really like this poem, it speaks to me simply because I have written my own poem that is similiar, love is the hunter. And I think it is perfect, it sums up a lot of how love can sometimes feel.

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Gita Ashok 16 June 2010

A very creative composition on a very common topic - love. Now how about writing one more glorifying love?

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