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I do not understand
Why there is racism
Why people commit hate crimes
Why innocent people die

Sadness crashed into my life
Like a tornado with no warning
When Christmas rolls around
And my whole family isn't there

Hate for many things
Anger everyday
Like an emotional bomb
Soon to go off, for unknown reasons

Change was like a knife to my heart
When my parents divorced
And I was too young to understand
Tears escaping a little girls eyes


Some fear it
Others embrace it
People say they have looked death


It unknowingly steals your heart
Numbs the horrd pain
Like the sun coming out on a rainy day

I'm tired
Not i went to sleep at 2: 00 am and had to wake up early
Not like dozing off in class
Not tired like I need more sleep

I want to run away
To a place of no pain
Into a promising light
Where only few have gone

It's almost like I can't stop,
I feel like it's all I do.
Whenever I sit to think,
In my mind comes you.

You have me wondering, do you even care?
You don't call but every couple months.
And when you do, it's mostly silence because with you,
There's nothing that I will ever be brave enough to say.

You are nothing but a tool
With your endless dark eyes
And your messy black hair
And your exceptional face

People say girls have too much emotions
And that's what's causing my dilemma
I'm forcing myself to choose
Between bachelor Number One and bachelor Number Two.

My heart's in a bunch,
And I don't know what to do.
Should I ignore my hunch,
Or forever be with you?

Just another Sunday
Laying lazily on the couch
Watching yet another movie
Thinking about tomorow

After a tiresome day
I lay on the cold, hard concrete
Staring at the stars, hoping to put my mind to rest
The faint cry of a dog for its owner, barely heard

Leila Mass Biography

I have been through alot in a little time. I show how i feel through my poems. If they are sad, I wrote them crying. If they are angry, I wrote them when I was livid. So on and so forth. My poems are the only way I really actually express my feelings, so they are important to me. Read and give me some feedback if you like. Please and thank you :) Oh, and I'm Puerto Rican (so I speak spanish) Enjoy my poems!)

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I Don'T Understand

I do not understand
Why there is racism
Why people commit hate crimes
Why innocent people die
But most of all, I do not understand
Why people are proud of hurting or killing someone
Because their skin color, culture, and race are different
What i understand the most, is the ocean
Beautiful waves that relax and calm you down
It gives warning of a storm
Ripping its way through the ocean
By sending an army of harsh waves
The ocean in civilized and welcoming...
Are we?

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Leila Mass Popularity

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