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Love Poems - Poem by Bragg Adocio

Love Poems

I love, love poems. I love love poems like I love breathing, exponentially. Increasing with every breath I take. I love writing love poems, but even more so, I love Reading them. I love Reading love poems that remind me of you; in style, in story, or just bc it's pretty. But even more so, I love Reading any love poem...... As long as it's written by you.
I love quotable lines itching to be famous. I love Reading stories and POVs from a bird's eye view. I love 'love, sweet love' and the fact that not having it makes me only want it more. 
I love how love and distance makes the heart grow fonder. I love how most hate the fact that love and loss make the heart grow stronger. I hate how when you're waiting for love friends tell you it won't be much longer. And I love how loving someone you shouldn't seems so right when it couldn't get much wronger.
I love uncertainty, it gives me goosebumps. I love how much I hate the feeling of losing that special someone, how it makes them the only person I've ever felt that way about..... And I hate, when I find out how it feels to watch them walk away.
So I write a love poem, another rhyme to pass the time until I finally get things together. Because I love staring upwards at clouds accumulating into heart shapes with a starlight silver lining.
I love how close love and obsession sound on paper.
I love how the people farthest from you are the closest to your heart.
I hate when the people closest to you are the farthest from your heart. Another barricade, love poems squeezing through the cracks. And I love you, but you don't know who I am. From where in stand, it seems I just keep pulling away. Seeing how far I can toss my message in a bottle, how long will it take to drift to your shore?
But we won't grow old, and time is non-existant. That's what I love most about love. Like Tuck, it's everlasting.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

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