Love: Quite A Fortune Poem by Wolf the poet

Love: Quite A Fortune

Loving someone is'nt just a stroll in the park
Love is a sparkle in the dark
It can make one as happy as a lark
And make some frown with wrinkles of despair and sadness

Take for example a rose
When watered and nurtured for it blossoms and sums up to a beautiful elegant rose
Making it a sweet scent to the nose
For some, it can be a daily dose

I once fell deeply in love with a person
Not knowing that my heart will be a plaything to act as a comfort
Little did i know that it will be crushed to several pieces
Left in the abyss to bleed out

But i say love is a fortune
A melody with a rythymic soft tune
A tune played by the the desert mountain dune
Love is as sweet as life itself
If you find the right person

A few months later
An angel came out of nowhere
Picked up the scattered pieces
Glued them together to become a new whole
Now, as a matter of speaking, my heart beat as one with my little Angel
My Angel in the light

Loving someone is an act of maturity
The level of maturity displayed by two people connected by both feelings and strong emotions
They say yes, experiendce might be the best teacher but i beg to differ
In accordance with the fact that love, ain't measured by experience rather by a pure and loyal heart
The heart beating as one

What is a fortune...
Is love really a fortune?
Yes i do second every discussion about it since love is something rare
And not a fairy tale the lame man's tongue dare to differ
So i second that love truly is a fortune
Last but not in the near least
Allow me to pack up my list
Spread up my sweaty and swelly fist
And shout out to true love in a gist

Love: Quite A Fortune
Love is quite the perfect illusion and a known fantasy
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