Love's Blissful Introduction Poem by Bill Darrah

Love's Blissful Introduction

Who could forget the day
I introduced dating to a girl?
She tried so hard not to throw it away,
But I acted foolishly anyway.
Why had I discarded such a beautiful pearl,
Rare and immensely beautiful in full array?
Who was I to say
That she had gone astray?
No I did not know her after all
Nor did I introduce dating to her.
Only through her willingness to date
Did she teach my heart to fall.
Only through her openness to call
Did she introduce dating to me, soft to stir
The significance of dating
I so willingly introduced to her.
Only now, she is left wondering,
'Why in the world did he stop and stall
My affections for him he knew I felt
Strong enough to state
As boldly as when we were relating? '

After all, it was my prayer
That God answered with amazing care
For me to ask a girl in stimulating
My courage and confidence in dating
Someone as worthy emulating
As the growth stemmed by our relating
Seen in every smile and speechless stare
Till we formed the words our mouths could state
To share the love our hearts felt elate
Feelings much deeper than our words could share
As we started to fall in love
In every way and everywhere,
Even now that we're not together there.
I may not think this is fair,
But love is something I will always wear
As a refreshing, crisp breath of air
Supplying the words needed to be said
The next time we're together there
And these words are needed to be reread.
Simply stare.

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