To My Unknown Wife Poem by Bill Darrah

To My Unknown Wife

Dear Wife,
To whom I do not know who.
I give my heart and all to you
For you to keep as faithfully true
As the one you hold inside of you.

How God knew
I was meant for you
Is a prayer that came true
When I vowed to dedicate
My life to you.

I prayed and prayed
For God to guide me to you
To ensure the prayer
You have for me too.
Like the sheep drawn to the ewe
Or the grass to the dew,
I will always be drawn to you.
No matter what you say or do,
I will always love you
Because of the way we grew
When God touched the hearts of two
With the prayerful view
That captured me and you.

Dear Wife,
To whom I do not know who.
I dream about you all the time.
I yearn to meet you some day
Just to look at you and say,
'God Bless You Today! '
To persuade you not to stray
From the God who loves you in more ways
Than the love He gave you yesterday
And the love I would expressively say.
Only He can make your today
Warmer than the love in each ray
Of the sun radiating in every way
For you to bask in, so you may
Share your experience with Him today
To feel the love I have for you every day.

Dear Wife,
To whom I do not know who.
Heart to heart
Hand in hand
Caressing you tenderly.
How much more should I understand?
What do you want my love to comprehend?
Do I have the kind of love
Within your admiration to anticipate
Your growing adoration of all that
Your heart desires throughout
The culmination of all my affections
Yet to be given to you my love?
If so, please let me know.

Dear Wife,
To whom I do not know who.
How does your heart beat?
Is it a steady rhythm and pulsation
Or an irregular pattern
I can calm with sensation-
A beat that doesn't know
Whether to speed up or to slow?
Can I soothe your heart
With my touch designed to entice
You into the deep love I wish to entreat
Your heartbeat?
I can't seem to hear my heart beat
Without feeling the heartbeat of you
Teaching me to feel with my heart
All the deep emotions you impart
So clearly, as you learn and grow
To express much more of you
To me to help me see and be
The kind of husband you want of me.

Lady Grace 22 March 2010 goshhhh...this is a typical masterpiece nice promise, ..i can't describe the words i want to say..this is very very nice...

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