The Extravagant, Memorable Life Poem by Bill Darrah

The Extravagant, Memorable Life

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When I die you may choose to cry, but please do not wonder why
I was chosen to die. No one on Earth was designed to wonder why
We must surrender our lives to the unknown future of an eternity we
Can only rely upon as our enduring supply of true life, comfort,
Extravagant love, and most importantly true inner peace. Please
Do not cry for the memories lost between you and I but rather for
The memories you and I earnestly earned together as well as the
Memories I will now strive for through my eternity my soul feels
Free to fulfill, always remembering those unforgettable memories
I shared with you. As hard as it is for you to see me leave, please
Do not let your grief prevent and hinder the strength you need to
Make new, more meaningful memories by allowing the peace of my
Passing, I can truly feel for the first time, to overcompensate your
Painful thoughts and feelings of any regret for the abundant life
You were hoping for me with you I have once lived now restored in
My soul forever for you to feel joyful and rejuvenated about as our
Thoughts of love merge together now in your time of encouraging
Need and in my time of remembrance of you loving me endlessly,
Almost as much as I love you. With my peaceful passing I thankfully
Extend this deeply heartfelt message of love to help you build a
Stronger, more meaningful life of peace not only for yourself, but
Also for anyone else in need of a more soothing peace your
Extravagant love willingly provides.

Monday, September 21, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love educates
Upon experiencing the deep, emotional grief my Mom was forced to live with many years ago as her one and only brother died, I instantly learned how much deeper I needed to value the importance of a memorable life, thus inspiring this poem!
Jean Dament 21 September 2009

Wow! this is simply a beautiful memorium to those you leave behind. Thanks Ravensong

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