Bill Darrah Poems

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Love's Everlasting Endurance

'Let her want with me be in creating my need to express
the love I share-love's intimacy can only adequately give.'

I couldn't even hear my heart beat.

To My Unknown Wife

Dear Wife,
To whom I do not know who.
I give my heart and all to you
For you to keep as faithfully true


Come passion,
Invite your presence to me.
Come passion,
Burn your feeling on my heart

The Love Of Nature Or The Nature Of Love's Vitality

Please dream about some love every night
Life makes time throughout our heart
Before the heart gets too hard to warm
Like a fire after a cold wintery day.

If Men Loved Women Like God Loves Men

Wouldn't it be great to find a woman I could love as wholeheartedly
Free from sin as God loves me?
How can I possibly fathom such a pure love like God's when my
Thoughts are more consumed with what a woman looks like

Poetry Of Art Or Art Of Poetry?

Which came first-poetry or art?
Which of these two is my favorite part?
Poetry speaks to the heart and soul
Through vocalization of written word,

Self-Inducing Provocative Thoughtfulness

(When you read this poem I highly recommend you read the 1st and last paragraphs only because it is my belief you the reader will either have a much stronger appreciation for this poem's message as well as for the middle paragraph or you will have as much of an appreciation for this poem the way it is written with the middle paragraph not adding or taking away from the meaningful message written. Additionally, you will notice a striking resemblance of word choice in the 1st and last paragraphs not included in the middle paragraph-this is because I used the same 35 nouns provided to me and arranged them in differing syntax, thus added more words needed to make complete thoughts of poetry.)

Sometimes love is something actions do
To create confusing relationships we choose to

The Extravagant, Memorable Life

When I die you may choose to cry, but please do not wonder why
I was chosen to die. No one on Earth was designed to wonder why
We must surrender our lives to the unknown future of an eternity we
Can only rely upon as our enduring supply of true life, comfort,

Clear Thoughts........

Why am I here?
Why am I typing these words?
Whose life can I change or
Improve through the message

What In Your Right Mind Is The Heart Thinking?

To write poetry of a different kind sometimes deserves a calm and
Soothing mind patiently waiting for the heart to find what it
Desires just at the right time the mind never knows what words to
Rhyme until the heart knows what to say on each and every line

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