Love Slave Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Love Slave

Rating: 5.0

I will gain my purity of flesh back
For you fulfill the empty space which love it lacks
I am falling in great devotion for my master
Through harsh labor of charm my admiration for her grows
She is a darling, the queen of my soul
With tender compassion her beauty allows me to evolve
As I struggle in her garden of beauty
My enormous love for her erupts
My world becomes jolly and special
As the day goes by like the waterfalls in her eyes
In perfect harmony flowers blossom; in great emotion crows cry
I am enslaved to a powerful force in which galaxies intertwine
On a bed of rose pedals she drinks red wine
Her passion is precious; my craze is care with no lust
My life is hers’ as possession for her love is all that is just
Through a silent night her exquisiteness calms the wild beast
In immense matrimony we will have a marvelous feast
A master indeed she is for her laws are pretty find
My heart is wild awaken as her lips touches mine
When she does that thing my world goes blind
Gorgeous, I am enslaved to our sweet intimacy
As I pray for its continuity in great glory
A love slave I am as, hit by a vicious cupid


Lovesick, Her passion is precious...enslaved to our sweet intimacy! Very romantic write. Loved the poetic imagery and was enjoyable to read. Well done! ; D

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