Love With All My Might Poem by Marcquiese Burrell

Love With All My Might

The very thing I loved is now gone
And I don't know how else to move on
I lock up my tears and allow the pain to build
Time won't allow me none to heal
I than grieved enough and still I moved nowhere
I look to the past and wish I was there
No, I won't give up hope
Yet, I steal myself away from the possibility
To have ever be happy
I drowned a million times before
And will continue to drown a million more
I don't know how else to be
When I have loved, lost, and left angry
I fought a hard, long, undying war
One which I promise to win
Stabbed in the heart, right at it's core
And to my love, there is no end
I vow someday, we'll be again
The one I loved is now gone
I know now how else to move on

Colleen House 17 September 2008

It's beautiful, painful, and so very real.

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Hirzel Davids 17 September 2008

It's a very good poem. I really liked the message. It was a nice writ. :) . Keep it up. Thanks, I enjoyed. Good Luck and Take care.: D

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