Loves Of Ten Thousand Days Poem by NHIEN NGUYEN MD

Loves Of Ten Thousand Days

Rating: 2.8

To Becky and Joe Duke

It was a wonderful time that we came together as friends
When accumulated snow from Stella blizzard was everywhere.
This evening, winter gusts blew intermittently
In a cozy restaurant, our friends were waiting for us, happily.
We came there after attending our weekend mass
We exchanged our greetings with heartfelt reciprocal smiles
Many years, our friends have been happy with their married lives
Today, they invited us to celebrate the first time they dated.
Loving each other, passion continues to shine in their eyes
Fires of their loving hearts have been flaming for decades.
Outside, it was cold with thick blanket of snow
Inside, two flaming hearts celebrate their loves of ten thousand days.


Above is translation poem of the Vietnamese poem of NHIEN NGUYEN MD:


Tặng Becky và Joe Duke

Rất mừng, bè bạn gặp nhau
Ngoài kia tuyết trắng Stella vẫn còn.
Tối nay, gió lạnh từng cơn
Tiệm ăn ấm cúng, bạn chờ chúng tôi.
Chúng tôi dự lễ nhà thờ
Thế rồi tay bắt, miệng cười mừng nhau.
Bao năm hạnh phúc hôn nhân
Hôm nay, kỷ niệm lần đầu gặp nhau.
Thương nhau, ánh mắt đậm đà
Lửa tình vẫn cháy sau vài chục năm.
Ngoài kia, trời lạnh, tuyết dầy
Trong này, tình nóng vạn ngày mừng vui.


Monday, March 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: anniversary,love
Ellen Venier 29 September 2017

What a lovely poem. Written directly from your heart. Thank you!

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Nhien Nguyen 29 September 2017

Thank you. I appreciate your comments.

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Rebecca Duke 20 March 2017

We are so honored to have a poem written just for us! The poem totally captures the essence of the evening, and it creates a permanent memory of a special night that we will always have. Thank you so much!

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Nhien Nguyen 21 March 2017

You are very welcome. I'm glad that you both enjoy this poem. Thank you for your comment and support. Nhien

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Dung Nguyen 20 March 2017

I like your poems immensely. Look forward to more of your poems. Your topics and theme, and style of writing is fantastic! I enjoy this poem, Loves Of Ten Thousand Days, in the words. Beautifully written.

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Nhien Nguyen 21 March 2017

Thank you for reading and your comment as well as your support. Nhien

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Kimkhue Nguyen 20 March 2017

Full of realization on your wonderful poem. Thank you for sharing such a nice poem. I love this poem in the words. Beautifully written.

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Nhien Nguyen 21 March 2017

You are welcome. Thank you very much. Nhien

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Nhien Nguyen 21 March 2017

You are very welcome. Thanks very much. Nhien

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Kim Nguyen 20 March 2017

Very touching love poem. Love, can indeed endure the long wait. Thank you for sharing.

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