Madeline Poem by Bryce Edward Coast


A face appeared in the night sky
As clear and bright as the full moon
With eyes that twinkled like the stars
That were across the darkness, strewn
It was the face of my friend Madeline
An angel, gone too soon

For several days I layed bedridden
Not acknowledging the sun
Off and on, tears soaked my pillow
Whilst the memories would run
Made plans on growing old together
But death again had foiled the fun

Heading home, she didn't make it
Cutoff by a drunken driver
Another bad decision made
Had left alive no sole-survivor
No magic spell restores what's lost
Time won't reverse, I can't revive her

The eulogies had left us spent
We all released a single dove
Sincerest words sent off to heaven
Proclaimed forever is our love
Down here on earth we strive to reach
Where she is now, safe there above

And from the sky that night she smiled
Then whispered gently on the wind
~Bryce, cry no more, live life, be strong
Stay that enthusiastic friend.
Keep keeping faith, take no shortcuts
I'll be with you until the end~

Right at that moment I felt solace
I stopped holding onto blame
Held in my hands, were both of us
Together in the picture frame
Forever young, like yesterday
Etched to my heart, I keep her name

02/28/06 RIP

Cynthia Buhain-baello 23 February 2010

This is a very beautiful story and a fitting tribute to a special friend, and I am sure she is smiling with approval, wherever she is now. You write so profoundly in an exquisitely natural way, and as a reader/writer, I applaud you great talent.10+++++

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