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Madmankind - Poem by Tom Higgins

Am I barmy, Am I mad,
am I crackers or just sad?
The elite world is, totally.
It follows every stupid fad,
how the hell can we be glad?
When all they do is,
feed the greed,
never the need,
make the majority bleed,
to feed their all encompassing greed.
And now, I am told,
or probably I am being sold,
a story they want me to buy,
a yarn to make a grown man cry.
The Chinese are on the rise!
Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise,
Apparently they're on the make,
and it's said that they intend to take,
their new position as a mighty world power,
and if so when cometh the hour?
How long have we got d'y'all reckon,
before the argument starts wrecking
everything we know as normal,
do you think they'll do it formal?
You know, a declaration of war and all.
Or will each side just unleash missiles to fly,
and have all their new fangled bombs to fall?
Then gauge how many of us die.
Have the Chinese made a calculation,
can we possibly kill their billion fold nation?
And have the Western powers done the same?
most likely to their eternal shame.
Just a mention of the numbers, the human cost,
measured by a guesstimate of the total lives to be lost.
Gets to the crux of the matter once again,
have we collectively gone totally insane?
Because the military and the politicos,
that sad unforgivable bunch of so and so's,
are planning for this right now,
they are even planning strategies for how,
the world will be when their war ends,
who will be their enemies, who will be their friends?
The spoils shared out amongst the winners,
but which side will be named the sinners?
And so, the wheel of fate keeps turning,
with no generation ever learning,
from the dawning of mankind,
to the futility of war, we like to stay blind!

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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