Magic Cue Poem by Tom Allport

Magic Cue

Rating: 5.0

I am a professional snooker player
But sometimes I am pretty sad
If only I had a magic cue
My life wouldn't be so bad
The table lights up
With bright white light
It shines down in my face
I can't see a thing
And waiting my turn
I wish I was in another place
You see I get so tired
Travelling around
In fact....I've met the Queen
Then the ref arrives
And smiles at me
But looks so very mean
My throat is dry
And my stomach aches
I think I've had to much to drink
So feeling full
I run to the loo
Must have another......phew
Life of... a snooker player
Can be pretty sad
If only I had a magic cue
My life might not be so bad

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: sport
Bri Edwards 02 July 2018

(cont) ....p.s. maybe get some magic balls while you're at it? my first wife thought i had 'magic balls'. (a joke, sir Tom) bri :)

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Bri Edwards 02 July 2018

i'm loving it! TRUE? ? ! I think I've had to much to drink....EVEN IN u.k. I THINK it's too much. ha ha. My life be so bad....i THINK you didn't mean this wording to be here. ;) i think! to MyPoemList. hey, why did Inez H. (see below) leave such a comment? ? she must have 'read between the lines, something i'm not TOO good at. to MyPoemList. bri ;) (cont.)

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Simone Inez Harriman 25 July 2017

As I love home and a warm fire, I could feel every bump on that rocky road from hotel to hotel and I certainly would be wanting a bit of magic to help me out too.10+++++

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