An Old Person Poem by Tom Allport

An Old Person

Rating: 4.9

An Old Person left alone
No means of support in an empty rented home
The future not thought of
The past ever near
Thoughts no longer needed
Memories of yesteryear
An Old Person dressed in rags
Never enough money and none saved away
Friends and neighbours seem so far away
People who mean well just don't stay
An Old Person
At life's end
No longer the strength or willingness
To make things mend
No sense of hope
With no belief
A time of thought
And not much sleep
An Old Person left alone

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: loneliness
This seems to be happening a lot now in Western Societies, it is so sad?
Rajnish Manga 20 May 2017

What a coincidence! I was just watching an Hindi movie 'Ruyi Ka Bojh' (The weight of cotton fiber) in which the the main character is an old man with the same description and living in the same conditions as mentioned in the poem above. Hats off to Tom Allport for such an amazing poem.

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Tom Allport 20 May 2017

many thanks Rajnish.

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Savita Tyagi 20 May 2017

With older population increasing it is a pressing question that effects intensely. Lack of strength and willingness is the most difficult aspect in old age to combat. Congratulations for a great poem and well deserved place.

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Tom Allport 21 May 2017

thank you Savita.

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Carlos Echeverria 20 May 2017

A reality smackdown delivered gently, respectfully but it still smarts.

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Betty Swollocks 29 July 2022

Oh Thomas you and your family are a joke.7 grandchildren? How many of them do you see? Because I know for certainty you don't see 3 of them. I hope you ajd Patricia are very lonely and your man child Michael whom you helped abandon his children twice! Enjoy a lonely existence!

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Kim Barney 28 December 2021

Heartbreaking writing!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 23 October 2021

An excellently worded poem about being old, very tragic and very sad.5 Stars full. Truly an impressive poem, it tiuches my heart and soul. Thank you for sharing

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Bharati Nayak 26 June 2021

The helplessness at the old age if there are no relatives or friends nearby to take care of has been expressed so touchingly.

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Mashiur Rahman 08 January 2021

It looked so beautiful as a combination of words like pearls.

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