Magic Overwhelms/ Cruel Magic Poem by Anne Unknown

Magic Overwhelms/ Cruel Magic

I see a woman,
dressed in a dark cloak,
there is something peculiar about her,
but I cannot name the difference.

The mysterious woman lifts up her hands,
I do not know what the gesture was,
for I had not seen it before.

I feel power rising in the air,
though I do not know where it comes from,
it frightens me a little,
whatever she is doing,
it is dangerous.

A flash of green leaves her fingers,
and before I can even stare at the cloud in awe,
it turns to me.

The air felt awkward,
not quite uncomfortable,
but still awkward,
the green cloud collided against my chest.

I felt pain and heat in my chest,
it overwhelmed me,
as if there were weight on my shoulders,
I sank to my knees.

My eyesight gloomed before me,
I looked up at the queer woman who had put this curse on me,
she lifted up her hood and I saw that she was a mage,
and the last thing I saw before I dropped to the ground and left this world,
was that she was smiling down at me.

John Mcmanus 12 October 2009

Hi Anne I found this a enjoyable read and you kept me all the way to the end so I could find out what would happen next. Good job

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Anne Unknown

Anne Unknown

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