Make Me Cry Poem by Tinashe Mupedzapasi

Make Me Cry

Rating: 4.5

Give me love
And make me feel
Make me feel
And make me smile
Make me smile
And make me happy
Make me happy
Until i cry

Mahtab Bangalee 30 July 2020

make me happy Make me happy Until i there is alive with happy and sorrow together; beautiful loving poem penned

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Dr Antony Theodore 21 August 2018

Make me happy, make me smile. give me the feeling that i am loved........ full of passionate thoughts expressed so lovingly in simple words......... thank u dear poet. tony

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 07 August 2015

Nice poem.. gift from me in full poem./.... You don't feel shy And cry As love is God's gift Make no shift Enjoy With joy If you are blessed But never remain chased Make no bone of contention But strengthen the relation Lay strong foundation And find love’s elevation We are here to spread the message And lead with an age Make healthy environment around If love is found So get adjusted And spend time instead With your beautiful beloved You shall always stand loved

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Atul Sharma 19 February 2013

Short, enchanting and deep

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