Making Of The Maker Poem by Michael Eziudo

Making Of The Maker

And at the dawning of the new day the sun sets
And high hopes kiss his sprouting as the clock ticks
With milk and meat and then bones
His weaning days birth high expectation of his winning days
Competition born by unconscious costly assumptions and comparisons
Becomes the chain that draws him quick to his gray days

Lead there in the chalk hall where he is to wear another's mind
With strokes and plays, tears time and fun time
He endures all to befit societal crown
And in the home of many books and slime
His decisions for a while left in his whim
He obtains the keys for a kingdom that's not his own

And his life becomes a tool of pleasing
Living for them that expect him perfect and pleasing
And the man running helter-skelter in confused estate
Stumbling blocks, stormy weather and roaring lion leave him in worst state
Observing his mate and them that had shone before
He wonders if he beeps up effort or relent to hopeless splendour

Yes he sits and wonders if he is another life cycle
Should he continue to align himself among the circle
Of them that are seen as neither majority nor minority
Or even fall below to them in the zero level
No, defeat isn't an option, never a haven to dwell
If there's a minority that leads the majority
Them that left footprints in sand of time began somewhere

And at the sudden rise of him that was down
When he'll tell his mentees the story of his ladder
He'll tell them that the making of the maker begins
At that point of self realization and conscious decision
That the world's pattern and all her struggles lead one nowhere

Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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