Love Lost Poem by Michael Eziudo

Love Lost

Don't love me
If it is falling or stayed
Just don't love me
For I am he with a heart like stone understand
That my heart has no soft spot
Not one for any or as many that sort
I am sorry

Looks can pull but I have heart that pushes
Longing is a natural phenomenon but my tears is that my heart gives no returns
For this I cry, really cry
Like one whose world is ended
And is helpless of the fact

In my world I share all alone
Not happy with but I enjoy my alone
In solitude I listen to nocturnal rhymes
And enjoy the eerie music that belows from their harsh voices
And the heavy pushy breeze filtered by the moon
And I cry
For the hardest part of life is felt in being alone still

But my heart is cold
Bereft of love and having not to give
It had gone through lots in pain
And pain had killed its emotions
If it were fleshy
It's now smoother than a bottle
Having no droplet of blood left to grease relationships with
Oh, don't love me

The touches on the walls of the heart of a growing child
Is the determinant of his coming days' disposition
Let him cry less
Each tear drop is a pack of emotions, love lost
Emotions aren't as much as air
Like fruits on a tree they finish too
What then becomes of him
Is what you created

But the heart like a ship has a rudder
No matter how far it navigates
It can follow the rules of the captain
But all is a choice
Only how long would deciding take
Till then
Do not love me
For I am deserving not any
And I cry
Who can love me just as I am
You must be yourself an iron and a beauty better than I am

Monday, July 2, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love,weakness
Chandan Dey 02 July 2018

Dear poet Eziudo, deep pain takes us deep into the ocean of Love. When a poet feels that, he pens great poems. This poem isn't different from that. Brilliantly write, thanks for sharing this wonderful poem with us. Chandan

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Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

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