Man In The Pot-House Poem by Wangchat konyak

Man In The Pot-House

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Men in a tavern aren't strangers;
Though their looks seems peculiar
They aren't so as we think they are.
They are man- wise and fool like you and I
They are here just to drink their drinks.
And for a moment to escape from reality.
They are witty politician in here,
They are wise philosophers in here,
They are Social activist in here,
They are Environmentalists in here,
They are most patriotic man
And a professionalist in literature
They are mentors, consultant, and teachers.
Some of them are broke and desperate,
Some of them are educated unemployed,
Some of them are hardworking farmer,
Some of them are summer youth,
Some of them are lovers,
Some single and other married.
Some of them are widow and some batchelor.
They are here for bachelor party,
Some for birthday party,
Some because of regret, other because of helplessness.
They are here with a reason of their own,
And some to fulfill their promise,
After all, man in a pot-house are human too.
They aren't as we think they are,
They have a reason to be in a pot-house.
And their story we never know,
Let's try not to look down on them.

By Wangchat Konyak

Ramesh T A 22 February 2022

Nice depiction of pot-house party in this fine poem!

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