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Mat Model Of Educational Leadership



This paper explores to know what leadership skills a principal uses in implementing the innovations and reforms in the imperialistic and colonial education system. The paper is based on a case study of a school - -Public School Bhatiot (pseudonym) . The paper recommends Mat Model of Educational Leadership. This style of educational leadership is process -oriented as well as result- oriented. The principal created in the school happy ethos and disciplined learning environment. He maintained a careful balance between result oriented and learning oriented education system to bring in a new change in the colonial system of education.

The methodology is based on a case study, using tools of observation and interview. The researcher analytically observed the working environments of various academic institutions in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and England and studied the leadership styles of their principals. Also, the researcher discussed with various educationists the problems of imperialistic and colonial education system to ascertain their views.

The paper is organized in five parts. The first part is the introduction. The second part focuses on various concepts and approaches of leadership. The third part contains the interviews of principal and teachers. The fourth part contains recommendations of the study. The paper recommends that the latest developments in policy, research, theory and practice in school management should be analyzed and taught to our principals as well as teachers. Finally, the fifth part draws conclusion. At the end, references are given. This research suggests that liberal, democratic reforms in an imperialistic and colonial system of education are not free of problems; as, it is too difficult to change the mental models. The scope of the study is limited only to the role of principal and has not discussed the roles of policy makers and political leaders.

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Thursday, April 30, 2020
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