Meet Him Mr.Palmist With His Predictions, Guesswork And Foretelling Poem by Bijay Kant Dubey

Meet Him Mr.Palmist With His Predictions, Guesswork And Foretelling

An awkward fellow
Villagerly and clumsy,
Superstitious and blind
To logic and reasoning
But a reader of some kind
Came he
Telling of luck,
Fate and stars,
Seeing the forehead,
Guessing about
The probable, possible customers
And the people flocking,
Extending hands one by one.

The palmist a clumsy fellow
Rustic and clownish
In odd dress
Unfolded he the palmyra charts
With diagrams
Of hands printed upon
He sat down to see and say
What it in one's fate
Going by vidya, lakshmi.lines,
Life support,
Lines prominent and faintly drawn.

Warning against fire, water,
Climbing trees,
Doing of too much of friendship
And mixing with,
Asking to be beware of accidents,
Misfortunes to take back by strike,
The good wife to come,
Wealth to gain in life,
Fame to be acquired,
Journeys to be taken,
Good luck to overseas tours
If any taking a diversion.

Mr. Acharya,
A type of Indian cheat,
A thug
Or a pretender
Came he in dhoti and kurta
A clumsy and odd fellow,
Conventional and traditional
Man in his odd attire
Predicting life and its conditions,
Reading psychologically,
Applying in his strategy and tactics.

With a cloth carry bag
Lying as a sling
Hanging down
Or with a bundle
Red in colour
Came he Mr.Acharya
With stones and herbal roots
And charts
To foretell
After reading the forehead,
Seeing the thumb impressions
And the lines.

And telling about misfortunes
That took by,
Accidents averted,
Failures overcome,
Success lying in wait
With wealth to be got,
Fame to be achieved,
Popularity to be gained,
The good wife to be got
Always at service
Adding to the lakshmi and saraswati element
Of the house,
Peace to be restored.

Friday, February 3, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: art
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